Sunday, July 4, 2021

Vedic way of life and sustainability

The greatest barrier to an ecologically balanced environment is a materialistic world-view that assumes the individual as a biochemical machine operating without a soul. 

Isha Upanisad, a popular Vedic text, says that everything in the universe both animate and inanimate  is controlled and owned by Lord. Therefore, one should only accept those things that are necessary to make a living, and not be greedy about possessing more than required.

The over consumptive behavior and  of humans is the sole core cause of degradation, destruction and extinction of species. 

Environment conscious people and researchers are struggling to decode the humanity’s complex relationship with nature and about ways of making it sustainable.

Krishna in Gita by teaches the nature of the soul. A  person should act selflessly being in  knowledge that he or she is soul, not the body. Gita gives instructions on the soul, suggesting to make a  simple living with detachment from the world, not exploitation of it and performance of actions, based on one’s identity as soul, from a higher perspective. One of the important goal of yoga is to control selfish desires, and in so doing, to see all beings, including every animals and plants, as equal souls.

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