Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nepalese cuisine

Dal-Bhat-Tarkari eaten all over Nepal is Nepalese cuisine. Bhat is boiled rice grain and Tarkari is vegetable curry. Tarkari can be fresh vegetables like
spinach(sag),radish(Mula),potatoes(Alu),cauliflower(Kauli),cabbage(Bandakopi),pumpkin(Farsi) according to their growing season and availability.  Dal is a soup made of lentils and species which is taken with Bhat and Tarkari. lentils grown and found in Nepal includes Musuro,AdaharMung,Mas and others.  Dal-Bhat-Tarkari which is standard meal for every Nepalese people is taken twice daily followed by wheat, and millet foods like Roti and Dhindo. Small amounts of salad,chutney,pickle ,chili,lime are added to give flavor to the meal.

Meals are eaten traditionally seated on thali. The rice is surrounded by vegetables,chutney,meat,Dal.
There are variety of  cuisines in Nepal due to the high cultural and geographical diversity in Nepal, however this cuisine is generally taken by all groups of people.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile (100%working)

       We can be able to know who visits our Facebook profile. For that we should login to our Facebook account from PC browser and then click Profile button. In profile Right click on an open area and choose View Page Source. A new window appears with various codes.Press Ctrl+F. A search Box will appear.

     Type“InitialChatFriendsList” and then press "Enter".Now you are taken to a place full of numbers which are actually IDs.Now copy that number one at a time and paste it in the search box of browser as “”.After having done this you get to know who actually viewed your Facebook profile.

Find Who Is Using Your WiFi Network And Block Them By The Help Of MAC Address In TP-Link Router

If you are using TP-Link Router I am showing about finding  number of users  using your WiFi at that moment and blocking them as  your wish.

1: Go to your browser in your PC and type the IP Address You get a dialog box for logging in to TP-Link  router control panel. By default the username and password are Admin.

2:Click on Wireless option at the right side of the homepage and then Wireless Statistics.Here you can get the MAC Address of the active users connected to the router.

3:If you don't know whose MAC Address is which move to DHCP option and then again click DHCP Clients List and get the clients name.

4: Copy the MAC Address of the user you want to block and move to Wireless MAC Filtering option.Enable wireless MAC filtering and click on Add new option at the bottom and after you copy the MAC Address you are done. This process can be undone also.

How to see the password of the saved WiFi network in WIN10?

  In this blog post I am stating about how to see  password of the saved WiFi network in your windows PC.This process consist of few easy steps.Alternatively it can be known directly through the third party software also.

Step 1:Move on to network toolbar option  in the taskbar and right click on it to open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2 :After that click on the name of the saved WiFi network and a dialog box will appear as below and go on to Wireless properties option.

Step 3:A new dialog box again appears with connection and security option. click on security and mark on Show characters  to finally see the password.

           We can get on to that by another way also.Move to search button and then type "ncpa.cpl". we are directed to the window with network connections and then right click on the respective WiFi adapter to find status option. Then it repeats above Step 2.