Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Create your own Memes!

    A meme is a virally-transmitted symbol or social idea in internet. We can generate our own Memes as we like through the use of online internet portals as well as Meme generating  apps.
Meme creator mobile app which is available in playstore  can be very useful in creating Memes.

Click to download. Meme Creator



Share your phone's Internet connection through Bluetooth tethering


  Tethering refers to connecting  device like smartphones to other such as a laptop to share the internet connection  when a WiFi connection is unavailable. Tethering or mobile network sharing is possible in one of three ways at a time.

1.USB Tethering
   For  USB tethering, you’ll need to install device drivers on your laptop and PC, and then plug in your smartphone to a USB port.It does charging of phones also so there is no battery drainage but allows for only one-to-one connections, and requires an USB cable.

2.Bluetooth Tethering
    Bluetooth tethering is included as as in-built feature of Android since Android 4.0. We can share our internet connection through Bluetooth tethering,all you need to do is to turn on the Bluetooth tethering option and then set up the connection type on your smartphone Bluetooth settings.The speed depends upon the speed of cellular networks and devices. Like USB tethering, only one connection is allowed via Bluetooth.

3.WiFi Tethering
WiFi Tethering, also called Mobile Hotspot, is the one of the more commonly used forms of tethering, because connections to multiple WiFi-enabled devices is available through it. The smartphone that is connected to a mobile data network can be used  as a WiFi router, allowing for a one-to-many connection type. You just have to turn on the Mobile Hotspot on your device.

Root your mobile and connect to any Wifi network

   Rooting can be done with the applications like kingoroot and iroot.

Step 1: Download and install any of these app and install it.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging and Run Android Root on your PC,Then connect your phone via its USB sync cable.

Step 3: Click root and then sit back until the works gets done.

       After your mobile is rooted download AndroDumpper and install it to.
Through AndroDumpper you can connect to any WiFi network if signal strength is good.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Register Personal .np domain in Nepal for free

We can register .np domain for free for our website in Nepal through the official website of Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.

1.Click on the link to register register.mos.com.np. 

2.After you enter the Homepage of the web CHECK DOMAIN AVAILABILITY by using name of your domain you wish to keep.For personal domain you should use your own name.It is available on first come basis, if it is already used try the other one.

3. If the domain is available then just drag and drop the domain to the box located at right hand side.Then register your username in the box. The username must be unique. It is recommended to use your email address as your username.

4.After you are done you have to fill up the online form.All other information can be filled except for the primary and secondary name. These are the servers where you host your domain.You can choose any free hosting like x10hosting or 000webhost.In case you choose X10hosting, you fill the form like:

Hostname: ns1.x10hosting.com
IP address:
Hostname: ns2.x10hosting.com
IP address:

5. Submit the form with the scanned copy of your documents like 

  1. Nepalese citizenship or passport or driving license or voter's card; or
  2. Non-Resident-Nepalese ID Card; or
  3. Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals
6. After you fulfill all the processes you will receive email from the Hostmaster of Mercantile communications that you have successfully registered your personal domain.

The Jungle Book(2016 Film):Use of CGI technology

    Produced by Walt Disney pictures "The Jungle Book" is a 2016 adventure film.The film is based on Ruyard Kipling's work of fiction The Jungle Book(1894).This film features Neel Seth as Mowgli.The orphaned human boy is guided by his animal guardians and when he sets out on a journey of a self-discovery  encounters with threatening Shere Khan.
  The film is equipped with the extensive use of CGI(Computer Generated Imagery) to portray the animals.
 In past few years Hollywood has increased it's expenses on CGI films.Notable CGI films include Jurassic World, Avatar, Terminator-2, Tron,Lord of the Rings-The two Towers. CGI technology has helped Hollywood to create films which features the story outside of the world.
   CGI(Computer Generated Imagery) is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs,commercials, videos and simulators. The visual Scene may be dynamic or static and may be 2D or 3D.
    Disney's remake "The Jungle Book" has grossed a lot of money worldwide. This film is thought to be challenging in context of CGI technology. It was both a technical problem and challenge to match the real character and computer generated character as the story of film. However, Director Jon Favreau has been successful in his thought after 3 years of his tireless work. Though the use of advanced CGI technology Director Favreau has been successful in showing The Jungle's Book remake in new flavor.

Friday, April 22, 2016

National pride projects of Nepal

1. East West Railway
2. Melamchi drinking water project
3. West Seti Hydropower project
4. Second International airport, Bara
5. Pokhara Regional International airport
6. Gautam Buddha Regional International airport, Rupandehi
7. Kathmandu-Terai fast track
8. Sikta irrigation
9. Rani jamariya-kulria irrigation project
10. Budhigandaki Hydropower project
11. Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower project
12. Terai Hulaki Marg
13. Koshi corridor
14. Kaligandaki corridor
15. Karnali corridor
16. Pushpalal marg
17. Babai irrigation project
18. Pashupati area development project
19. Lumbini area development project
20. Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project
21. Chure conservation Area Program

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Booting Process


  Booting in computer System is the initialization or starting of system.Simply it refers to turning on of PC from Power on to windows Startup.In order to efficient booting up the Hardware system, BIOS,and Operating system should be working properly.If this components are not working there is boot failure and the computer doesn't startup.
     When the computer's power is first turned on, the Central Processing Unit  initializes itself.Part of the CPU's initialization is to look to the system's  BIOS for its first instruction in the startup program. The ROM BIOS stores the first instruction, which is the instruction to run the computer.It determines  how the startup is initiated and in which sequence.Normally the Hard-disk has OS so the first boot sequence is to boot from Hard-disk. So we can see that while PC is initiated, it checks all the connected hardware and then It is directly followed by Microsoft windows Logo.
Similarly when there is boot failure due to Hard-disk damage We can use our PC by booting through Disk Drive or any other removable drive.For this we have to change BIOS Boot Priority setup to indicate which device to take into account at first.

Hack ADSL WiFi password using Dumpper in Nepal

       By the help of software like Dumpper and Jumpstart we can find anyone's ADSL WiFi Password.
The process is very easy and fast.
Step 1:First you need to have Dumpper and Jumpstart installed on your pc.
          Click on link to download Dumpper
          Click on link to download Jumpstart
Step 2: Open Dumpper and scan for all the available networks.

Step 3;Then click on WPS Tab at the top and scan for available networks to choose the one with high network signal.

Step 4: Simply click on it to obtain WPS PIN. It takes some moment.

 Step 5: After PIN is acquired move to Jumpstart. Jumpstart makes connection with the router and we are able to connect to it and have internet access as well.

Step 6:If we want to see the password as well we can do that. Move back to Dumpper and  click on Profiles Tab to view the connected networks and their password!

Customize your desktop with windows theme


 A theme is  a combination of windows background pictures,windows colors,and sounds.A good theme can make your PC look good.It makes interesting environment by changing wallpaper,elements of taskbar and buttons.

You can download different types of themes package from http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/themes according to your choice of interest.

After you complete downloading simply unlock the package by clicking on it. It contains about 10 wallpapers and it appears on My themes of Appearance and Personalization Menu under Control panel.You can then set any one of your themes packages by simply clicking on it once.The wallpaper then changes on its own.

Take screenshot of your PC

      We can take screenshot of our PC without the use of any software using keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1:Simply press Print screen(abbreviated as prt sc)tab at upper right corner of the keyboard to capture full window OR press alt+ prt sc to capture the active window.
If it is windows 8 or 10 we can directly save the image file under screenshot folder of My Pictures Directory by pressing Win+ prt sc as well.

Step 2: Open Paint and then click Paste on the upper left corner.Then the file opens in Paint window.

Step 3: Then Save the file under any name wherever you like and the process is complete.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nepalese cuisine

Dal-Bhat-Tarkari eaten all over Nepal is Nepalese cuisine. Bhat is boiled rice grain and Tarkari is vegetable curry. Tarkari can be fresh vegetables like
spinach(sag),radish(Mula),potatoes(Alu),cauliflower(Kauli),cabbage(Bandakopi),pumpkin(Farsi) according to their growing season and availability.  Dal is a soup made of lentils and species which is taken with Bhat and Tarkari. lentils grown and found in Nepal includes Musuro,AdaharMung,Mas and others.  Dal-Bhat-Tarkari which is standard meal for every Nepalese people is taken twice daily followed by wheat, and millet foods like Roti and Dhindo. Small amounts of salad,chutney,pickle ,chili,lime are added to give flavor to the meal.

Meals are eaten traditionally seated on thali. The rice is surrounded by vegetables,chutney,meat,Dal.
There are variety of  cuisines in Nepal due to the high cultural and geographical diversity in Nepal, however this cuisine is generally taken by all groups of people.