Friday, October 30, 2020

Personality traits of an entrepreneur

What traits should an entrepreneur possess for being successful?

OK, here are few traits that entrepreneurs in general should possess which probably may guarantee success.

  1. Vision and ability to see problems — Entrepreneurs have the ability to see the real problems in the world and means of addressing them. They don’t complain about problems but rather they work on it, devise plans and put it into action. They have a vision for themselves and others for making life better.
  2. Flexibility and growth mindset — Entrepreneurs have a flexible mind mechanism to help grow themselves. They are highly adaptive to change. In fact, this trait is very crucial in this rapidly changing world of technology and innovation.
  3. Passion — Without being passionate about what you are doing, you are very less likely to not succeed. Being passionate makes the work easier and go with the flow.

4. Resilience and persistence — Being persistent and resilient in your work is important for entrepreneurs to achieve the outcomes.

5. Strong self confidence — Confidence is the ability to believe what you are doing is great and no matter what resist , you will achieve that. There are thousands of hurdles in being a successful entrepreneur and having this confidence trait ensure success.

These were the few traits/characteristics of entrepreneurs. Apart this, there are lot of success habits and behaviours that an entrepreneur should cultivate during the course of time to get what is desired.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Perfection of life ?


To be perfect we must definitely know what is perfect and what is imperfect. Perfection as we know, believe, percieve, assume may not be so  or may be so. 

Morever, is there such a thing as perfection also? Who is gonna tell us what perfection is or it exists or not ? Or, are we to it find by ourselves?

If there is perfection then do we really need to achieve it . If we need to achieve it, what are the ways and actions to achieve it ? Can we achieve it or can't we ? 

Has anyone achieved it ? How to know that if anyone has achieved it or not? Can the imperfect one see the perfect ones or, to see a perfect person one has to be perfect themselves?

Monday, February 17, 2020

Analysis of iron content in selected vegetarian food items

Analysis of iron content in selected vegetarian food items in Pokhara

Analysis of iron content

Analysis of iron content of 10 vegetarian food samples belonging to three different food (spices, lentils and locally available vegetables) categories was the objective of this study. UV-Vis spectrophotometry was used to estimate and evaluate the levels of iron in the studied vegetables, lentils and spices. Vegetarians are more vulnerable to the deficiency of iron as they consume non-heme iron which needs to be altered before it can be absorbed by the body. While, non-vegetarians are rarely a victim of iron deficiency as their diet consists of meat through which they consume proteins like hemoglobin and myoglobin directly in the unaltered form. Inevitably, there is a need to measure the amount of iron in the vegetarian food products to determine which food sources are rich in iron, so that they may be consumed during iron deficiency. Spectrophotometric technique of analysis was used to determine the iron content. It works on principle of the Beer-Lambert law. From the results thus obtained, the maximum contribution was shown by spices and condiments towards the dietary iron content whereas the minimum contribution was shown by vegetables and lentils.