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Monday, May 1, 2017

Nepal Telecom Free web browsing service

Nepal Telecom the leading Network provider of Nepal have now started a free service in its GSM mobile service. Few months ago, the provider had initiate its cheap data pack service in GSM Network.We can now surf the following 600 Nepal Goverment websites Free of Charge from our GSM mobile data free of  cost. This initiation is very much appreciatory and helpful for all citizens and a significant part of e-public service delivery.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gadgets trend of 2017


   We can obviously see some new gadgets trend in this year 2017 as the field of IT is rapidly increasing one in the world now. There are researches being carried out day by day in developing new gadgets, application and their new features. New technologies are developed. To cope with increasing competition big companies are spending their knowledge, time and money to develop different gadgets than others.

         In 2016, Samsung S7and S7Edge, iphone 7 and 7 plus, Google Pixel Phone, Microsoft Surface Pro gained significant popularity. Likewise companies like Huawai, Gionee, Oppo took market due to their new technology gadgets.

Here, the upcoming gadgets to be released in 2017 and their likely features are highlighted:

1.Apple iphone 8
Good multisensor Camera, 12Mp Back camera, 7MP front camera
Improved home Button
3.5mm jack
OALED 5.8 curved display
Wireless charging
7.1 mm thick
2900 MAH Battery
Display zoom
A11 processor, 4GB RAM, Quad core CPU
32, 128, 258 GB Internal storage option

 2. Samsung Galaxy S8
4k ULD Display
S8 intelligence voice Assistant
5.7 MOLED screen
Gorilla Glass 5
12 Dual rear camera and 8MP front camera
6GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB internal storage with Micro SD slot
3000 MAh Battery
Android 7.0
Qualcom Snapdragon 830 Chipset

3.  Samsung Galaxy Note 8

4. Nokia Android Smartphone

5.Microsoft Surface Smartphone

Folding and curve display Gadgets

        Folding and curve display gadgets are not necessarily new. Nokia and Samsung and other companies have used it in their feature Phones before. Different companies have successfully tested folding phones. Now mobile phone users can probably get such phones with folding and curved display in this year. Now Apple Inc. is planning to come in market with this type of phones as like Samsung’s S version Flagship Phones. Lenovo had kept folding display mobile in Tech- world 2016 for demonstration.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Smart Watch in Nepal

The use of watch now is not limited for time only. In the name of “Smart Watch” in the market nowadays the modern watch works as minicomputer. Due to its attractive design and function it is becoming popular in Nepali Market also.   

Although it was introduced in global market a bit before it is just now becoming popular in Nepal. Still to some it may be an unknown product. 

We can find from rupees 2 thousand to about 1 lakh. We can get cheap Chinese smart watch to expensive ones of Samsung and Apple.

The sale of inexpensive and unguaranteed Chinese smart watch is high in the market. The watch does several function of mobile itself. The increase production of mobile was about to displace watch, but now smart watch is flowing in the market.
We can read e-mail and message likewise browse internet, camera, Calendar, Music control, Alarm, Map and Weather Alert, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It can be connected to Smartphone and other wireless devices for phone call, message, and social network and use different other applications. Some Smartphone works as portable media player also.

Currently Apple, Samsung, Huawai, LG are manufacturing different features Smart phones in the global market.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Samsung mobile prices in Nepal 2016

1.Galaxy J1 ace Rs 9,950/-

2.Galaxy J2 Rs 12,900/-

3.Galaxy J3 Rs 16,990/-

4.Galaxy J5 Rs 18,900/-

5.Galaxy J7 Rs 23,900/-

6.Galaxy A5 Rs 48,490/-

7.Galaxy A8 Rs 51,990/-

8.Galaxy A7 Rs 55,490/-

9.Galaxy S6 Rs 63,900/-

10.Galaxy S6 edge Rs 74,900/-

11.Galaxy S7 Rs 77,900/-

12.Galaxy S7 Edge Rs 88,900/-

13.Galaxy Note5 Rs 86,900/-

14.Galaxy Tab3 RS 16500/-

15.Galaxy Tab E Rs 27,990/-

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Create your own Memes!

    A meme is a virally-transmitted symbol or social idea in internet. We can generate our own Memes as we like through the use of online internet portals as well as Meme generating  apps.
Meme creator mobile app which is available in playstore  can be very useful in creating Memes.

Click to download. Meme Creator



Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hack ADSL WiFi password using Dumpper in Nepal

       By the help of software like Dumpper and Jumpstart we can find anyone's ADSL WiFi Password.
The process is very easy and fast.
Step 1:First you need to have Dumpper and Jumpstart installed on your pc.
          Click on link to download Dumpper
          Click on link to download Jumpstart
Step 2: Open Dumpper and scan for all the available networks.

Step 3;Then click on WPS Tab at the top and scan for available networks to choose the one with high network signal.

Step 4: Simply click on it to obtain WPS PIN. It takes some moment.

 Step 5: After PIN is acquired move to Jumpstart. Jumpstart makes connection with the router and we are able to connect to it and have internet access as well.

Step 6:If we want to see the password as well we can do that. Move back to Dumpper and  click on Profiles Tab to view the connected networks and their password!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Find Who Is Using Your WiFi Network And Block Them By The Help Of MAC Address In TP-Link Router

If you are using TP-Link Router I am showing about finding  number of users  using your WiFi at that moment and blocking them as  your wish.

1: Go to your browser in your PC and type the IP Address You get a dialog box for logging in to TP-Link  router control panel. By default the username and password are Admin.

2:Click on Wireless option at the right side of the homepage and then Wireless Statistics.Here you can get the MAC Address of the active users connected to the router.

3:If you don't know whose MAC Address is which move to DHCP option and then again click DHCP Clients List and get the clients name.

4: Copy the MAC Address of the user you want to block and move to Wireless MAC Filtering option.Enable wireless MAC filtering and click on Add new option at the bottom and after you copy the MAC Address you are done. This process can be undone also.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to Fix Damaged SD Cards?

If your SD card (external memory) is unreadable, corrupteddamaged, or has some kind of error the data present in it can be recovered to some extent. There are various methods to recover data from SD cards but sometimes one may not work for the one and the other.

Here I have listed some of the methods to recover data (such as photos,audios,videos and documents) from the card.

Method 1
  The most preferable method is to recover from  using  Cmd in Ms Windows.First connect the memory card to computer by card reader or by data cable  and open command prompt by writing cmd in run at start menu (ctrl+R>write cmd and press enter). 
  When the cmd window is opened,write chkdsk m:/r (where m is the drive letter of your memory card).Press enter and then wait until the process is completed. 

  Next way is  you also can type atrrib -s -h /s /d *.* in cmd window .Make sure that you put space between each elements in the code and hit enter and wait for few seconds.Here d is the respective USB letter.
Method 2
  Various other data recovery software can be used to recover data from damaged SD cards.We can find many recovery  software in the internet,some are usually fake and some are not free too we have to pay for the software .Asoftech Data Recovery,EaseUS Data Recovery and UsbFix are some of the data recovery software.You can download free of cost in the internet and recover your data.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Basic idea for using PHP language

    PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is an open source programming language  (Free to use and download ) for the web. It is a server side scripting language that can be used with HTML code, then processed when the page is requested by client. Practically,PHP is much easier to learn and code when compared to other programming languages. It is fast and flexible. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. It reduces the time to create large website. It creates a customized user experience for visitors based on information that you have gathered from them. It also allows creation of shopping carts for e-commerce websites.
     Here,I am going to demonstrate basic idea for using PHP language.For that firstly we need  Xamp/Wamp server installed on  PC.Then,
⦁ Open notepad and type the code as below. Here I am using “Hello world” that will be displayed as webpage. If you want to use any other text/string then you should write inside the echo code.

You should save that code with .Php extension as “All File types”. If you are using” xamp” server it must be inside the given folder named “htdocs” but if you are using “wamp” server it must be inside the given folder named “www”.

You should open Xamp/wamp  server now. Click on the start button as given below.

Now the process is completed.For viewing the output.
1)Open any browser that could be Chrome,Mozilla or any others.
2)Type “localhost/hello.php.If you have any sub folder then you should give complete locations.      

       Finally the result will be displayed as follows.                                                                                      

Saturday, July 4, 2015

What is Android?

  Actually Android is composed of  andro and oid where andro stands for human and oid stands for appearance. In technology sector android is an operating system. It is not new to us. In English dictionary Android was used since 19 century but after 20 century its use was increased dramatically. Nowadays it is the most popular operating system in mobile phones.

We may think that android operating system was initiated by Google but it’s not true. Andy Rubin, Mich Miner, Nick sears and Chris white had established android co-operation in 2003A.D. In 2005 A.D Google purchased Android Co in 50 million dollars. At first android was not an operating system it was just an application and after its original version was released it got changed to this stage.
Facts about Android
#In 1980s Android word was used in many films and games.
#The first Android phone was HTC G1 which was made on June 2008. In US it was known by the      name T MOBILE G1.
#Irina Blok in 2007A.D made logo for Android.
#November 5 is celebrated as the birthday of Android.
#Android is an open source code which everyone can change.
#In 2013 Android users became equal to that of ios, mac and windows.
#All of the Android versions were named after the sweet chocolates but first two pre-commercial release versions were alpha and beta.
#Google provides Android OS free of cost to mobile phone manufacturers.
#Everyday 1.5 million android mobile are active in the world.
#All of the Android versions are in English alphabetical order.
1) Alpha (1.0) - September 2003
2) Beta (1.1)-February 2007
3) Cupcake (1.5)-April 2009
4) Donut (1.6)-Sep 2009
5) Éclair (2.0-2.1)-Oct 2009
6) Froyo (2.2-2.2.3)-May 2010
7) Gingerbread (2.3-2.3.7) - Dec 2010
8) Honeycomb (3.0-3.2.6) - Feb 2011
9) Ice cream Sandwich (4.0-4.0.4) - Oct 2011
10) Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1) - July 2012
11) Kitkat (4.4-4.4.4)-Oct 2013
12) Lollipop (5.0-5.0.2)