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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Booting Process


  Booting in computer System is the initialization or starting of system.Simply it refers to turning on of PC from Power on to windows Startup.In order to efficient booting up the Hardware system, BIOS,and Operating system should be working properly.If this components are not working there is boot failure and the computer doesn't startup.
     When the computer's power is first turned on, the Central Processing Unit  initializes itself.Part of the CPU's initialization is to look to the system's  BIOS for its first instruction in the startup program. The ROM BIOS stores the first instruction, which is the instruction to run the computer.It determines  how the startup is initiated and in which sequence.Normally the Hard-disk has OS so the first boot sequence is to boot from Hard-disk. So we can see that while PC is initiated, it checks all the connected hardware and then It is directly followed by Microsoft windows Logo.
Similarly when there is boot failure due to Hard-disk damage We can use our PC by booting through Disk Drive or any other removable drive.For this we have to change BIOS Boot Priority setup to indicate which device to take into account at first.

Customize your desktop with windows theme


 A theme is  a combination of windows background pictures,windows colors,and sounds.A good theme can make your PC look good.It makes interesting environment by changing wallpaper,elements of taskbar and buttons.

You can download different types of themes package from according to your choice of interest.

After you complete downloading simply unlock the package by clicking on it. It contains about 10 wallpapers and it appears on My themes of Appearance and Personalization Menu under Control panel.You can then set any one of your themes packages by simply clicking on it once.The wallpaper then changes on its own.

Take screenshot of your PC

      We can take screenshot of our PC without the use of any software using keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1:Simply press Print screen(abbreviated as prt sc)tab at upper right corner of the keyboard to capture full window OR press alt+ prt sc to capture the active window.
If it is windows 8 or 10 we can directly save the image file under screenshot folder of My Pictures Directory by pressing Win+ prt sc as well.

Step 2: Open Paint and then click Paste on the upper left corner.Then the file opens in Paint window.

Step 3: Then Save the file under any name wherever you like and the process is complete.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to see the password of the saved WiFi network in WIN10?

  In this blog post I am stating about how to see  password of the saved WiFi network in your windows PC.This process consist of few easy steps.Alternatively it can be known directly through the third party software also.

Step 1:Move on to network toolbar option  in the taskbar and right click on it to open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2 :After that click on the name of the saved WiFi network and a dialog box will appear as below and go on to Wireless properties option.

Step 3:A new dialog box again appears with connection and security option. click on security and mark on Show characters  to finally see the password.

           We can get on to that by another way also.Move to search button and then type "ncpa.cpl". we are directed to the window with network connections and then right click on the respective WiFi adapter to find status option. Then it repeats above Step 2.