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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Messenger Chatbot

      Facebook holds an annual conference in California to release its new product as well as to inform about its future works. This year’s conference release Chatbot in messenger platform. Facebook messenger is an instant messaging service and software application which provides text and voice communication. Bot is web robot. This is made to do our work as we wish.

  Chatbot aims at providing answer to the questions of users and for business use. If anyone needs information about any products then he/she can contact its respective company and ask about its price and if they like can be bought. It is said that if the use of Chatbot increases dramatically it can replace call centers.
According to data, in Facebook and Whatsapp about 60 billion of messages are exchanged daily, which is 3 times more than mobile SMS. Facebook messenger users have reached 900 million this year. Due to the fact that messenger has impact on high population; Chatbot is thought to be popular.
But for this it should be able to answer more and more questions of people and liked by all.
Despite Chabot conference also declared and started these things:

1.17 lens camera
     This is a 3D camera and capture 360 degree view. It is equipped with 17 lenses and used for capturing content video for news feed and virtual reality oculus. This is named as Surround 360.

2. Profile Video
     Facebook allows now to upload video as profile picture that are captured by other app also.

3. Messenger Advertisement
      Facebook now is planning to keep ads on messenger.

4. Video Right
      Facebook now created video right manager option to stop copy of Facebook video among Facebook users.

5. Tag video for friends
    Artificial intelligence system recognizes friends in video uploaded and can be tagged to them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile (100%working)

       We can be able to know who visits our Facebook profile. For that we should login to our Facebook account from PC browser and then click Profile button. In profile Right click on an open area and choose View Page Source. A new window appears with various codes.Press Ctrl+F. A search Box will appear.

     Type“InitialChatFriendsList” and then press "Enter".Now you are taken to a place full of numbers which are actually IDs.Now copy that number one at a time and paste it in the search box of browser as “”.After having done this you get to know who actually viewed your Facebook profile.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to see facebook password in browser?

   Here in this post I am presenting How To See Facebook Password of your own or others if it is in the process of being logged in your computer browser by the help of page source code.

1)First open your browser and then type your email address and password on facebook login page.

2)After that select the password and right click on it and then click on Inspect element at the bottom. 

3)After that you are directed to as below.

4)  There you will get the page source code and the line with marked label is the password’s source code. Right click on the marked label and Click Edit HTML.
5) Then replace the "password" under the bracket by the "text".

6) Press enter and then you are able to see the password you type
7)To disable this you must replace the “text” with the “password” as it was before.