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Saturday, October 24, 2015


       Now we  can type in Nepali Unicode  in any software applications on computer using google input tools.we don't need any applications for that simply we can type through our normal keyboard and it changes in Nepali font in an instant.

Step 1: Get Google input tools here. we get directed to this page.

Step 2: On the right side of the tab "choose your languages" tick on Nepali language and download it by agreeing to the terms and policy of Google.

Step 3: Dialogue box will appear and soon it will be downloaded.

Step 4:We should enable the Google input tools after  installation.

 Check the right side of the  task bar on the desktop  where we can see ENG text. By clicking there a option will come displaying to choose the language input method.Choose NEPALI and then the task is completed. If we want it back in English language we can click on the same place and choose ENGLISH.
If we are not able to find the ENG text on the right side of the text bar we should get on to the control panel and Under Clock, Language and Region you will see "Change keyboard or other input methods". Click on it and make changes by selecting on preferred language.

 Now Start Typing anywhere in Nepali Unicode! The Google Input tool will convert your text instantly into Nepali. Here is the preview of typing and suggestion dialogue box that will appear after you start typing.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Increase your site traffic by Google search console

   Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a  web service by Google for site owners. It allows site owners  to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites so that it can be reached by many users all around the world.It helps  to increase traffic in the site/blog.Note that  Google search console only optimizes visibility in the google search engine only.For other search engines one has to use their respective webmasters Tools. Here are the processes to use Google search console.

1) First we have to login to GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE via our Google account.
2)Then we have to add our site URL of which we are going to optimize the visibility in google search engine.we can add our both "www" and "non-www" versions.
3)After that we have to verify our site ownership by following the verification processes.
4)Then after completing the verification processes we are able to access the Google search console.
5)We can find various option there that we have to carry out. we can see "select your  preferred version", in this we have to select whether we want to display our site with "www" or without "www".
6)In next option we can see "select your target country". It means we have to select the country where we want our site to be viewed more or our contents are focused on.
7)Likewise,there is "share access with co-workers".If we want other people to access our reports, we can add different access levels by this property.
8)The thing we should not miss is to submit our sitemap file.By submiting sitemap Google understand better how to crawl our site.

    After we are done with all this our site visibility to users is optimized by the google and we are able to get high number of users on our site through google search engine than before. Every search engine needs this type of processes in order to know more about that site and make visible to all.