Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hack ADSL WiFi password using Dumpper in Nepal

       By the help of software like Dumpper and Jumpstart we can find anyone's ADSL WiFi Password.
The process is very easy and fast.
Step 1:First you need to have Dumpper and Jumpstart installed on your pc.
          Click on link to download Dumpper
          Click on link to download Jumpstart
Step 2: Open Dumpper and scan for all the available networks.

Step 3;Then click on WPS Tab at the top and scan for available networks to choose the one with high network signal.

Step 4: Simply click on it to obtain WPS PIN. It takes some moment.

 Step 5: After PIN is acquired move to Jumpstart. Jumpstart makes connection with the router and we are able to connect to it and have internet access as well.

Step 6:If we want to see the password as well we can do that. Move back to Dumpper and  click on Profiles Tab to view the connected networks and their password!

Customize your desktop with windows theme


 A theme is  a combination of windows background pictures,windows colors,and sounds.A good theme can make your PC look good.It makes interesting environment by changing wallpaper,elements of taskbar and buttons.

You can download different types of themes package from according to your choice of interest.

After you complete downloading simply unlock the package by clicking on it. It contains about 10 wallpapers and it appears on My themes of Appearance and Personalization Menu under Control panel.You can then set any one of your themes packages by simply clicking on it once.The wallpaper then changes on its own.

Take screenshot of your PC

      We can take screenshot of our PC without the use of any software using keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1:Simply press Print screen(abbreviated as prt sc)tab at upper right corner of the keyboard to capture full window OR press alt+ prt sc to capture the active window.
If it is windows 8 or 10 we can directly save the image file under screenshot folder of My Pictures Directory by pressing Win+ prt sc as well.

Step 2: Open Paint and then click Paste on the upper left corner.Then the file opens in Paint window.

Step 3: Then Save the file under any name wherever you like and the process is complete.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nepalese cuisine

Dal-Bhat-Tarkari eaten all over Nepal is Nepalese cuisine. Bhat is boiled rice grain and Tarkari is vegetable curry. Tarkari can be fresh vegetables like
spinach(sag),radish(Mula),potatoes(Alu),cauliflower(Kauli),cabbage(Bandakopi),pumpkin(Farsi) according to their growing season and availability.  Dal is a soup made of lentils and species which is taken with Bhat and Tarkari. lentils grown and found in Nepal includes Musuro,AdaharMung,Mas and others.  Dal-Bhat-Tarkari which is standard meal for every Nepalese people is taken twice daily followed by wheat, and millet foods like Roti and Dhindo. Small amounts of salad,chutney,pickle ,chili,lime are added to give flavor to the meal.

Meals are eaten traditionally seated on thali. The rice is surrounded by vegetables,chutney,meat,Dal.
There are variety of  cuisines in Nepal due to the high cultural and geographical diversity in Nepal, however this cuisine is generally taken by all groups of people.