Saturday, June 11, 2016

Know IP address of the unknown email sender and determine location

If you only know the email address of a person, you can know the name location and other details of the email sender.
1. Open the email message and look for Reply option followed by a square brackets with IP address, if there are multiple entries, use the IP address mentioned in the last entry.
2.Now paste the IP address in any of the Trace Route Tool or simply Google to get the approximate location and other details of the email sender.

How to upload PDF and other documents in blogger?

Upload to Google drive:

1. First sign in to your google account and open google drive.
2. Click the "upload" button in the Drive sidebar and then choose the files to upload.
3. Click the file you want to upload and the upload complete window displays the selected file link and uploaded status.
4. Click "Share" to open the sharing settings window,and then click "Change" to open the visibility options section and select "Public on web".
5.Click the File and then select "Embed this file" to open HTML code.

Google to Blogger

6.Open your Blogger Page  and  Click "Create New post"  to open "HTML" Tab.
7.Click inside the Google Drive HTML window from the previous section to highlight the embed      code,  select and right-click to  copy the embedded code.
8. Right- Click in the Blogger Post window and then click "paste" to paste the HTML code.
9. Click "Publish" to post your Blog.
10.Click "Ok" on the Google Drive window to close the window with the HTML code.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Samsung mobile prices in Nepal 2016

1.Galaxy J1 ace Rs 9,950/-

2.Galaxy J2 Rs 12,900/-

3.Galaxy J3 Rs 16,990/-

4.Galaxy J5 Rs 18,900/-

5.Galaxy J7 Rs 23,900/-

6.Galaxy A5 Rs 48,490/-

7.Galaxy A8 Rs 51,990/-

8.Galaxy A7 Rs 55,490/-

9.Galaxy S6 Rs 63,900/-

10.Galaxy S6 edge Rs 74,900/-

11.Galaxy S7 Rs 77,900/-

12.Galaxy S7 Edge Rs 88,900/-

13.Galaxy Note5 Rs 86,900/-

14.Galaxy Tab3 RS 16500/-

15.Galaxy Tab E Rs 27,990/-

Use Wi-Fi Direct to connect your TV to your mobile device

           WiFi Direct allows nearby devices such as TVs and smartphones to connect to each other. WiFi Direct creates a network of devices that can communicate with one another. But the devices have to be WiFi-enabled. Smartphones, cameras, TVs, tablets and laptops are among the devices that can connect via WiFi Direct. 
The connection can be made at the push of a button or by typing in a short PIN. And your connections are protected by WiFi security technology WPA2. 

   Make sure your TV has WiFi Direct .You can check this online by using your TV model number.
  1. Press the HOME button on your TV remote.
  2. Select Settings > WiFi Direct settings.
  3. Press Options.
  4. Select WiFi and press the WPS button.
  5. Once the TV and smartphone are connected, press OK.You are now ready to share content.