Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to use Adobe photoshop CS6 after 30 days trial is finished?

Step 1;
First go to C:\program files\adobe\adobe photoshop CS6  (64bit)\ AMT

Step 2:
Find a file "application.xml".

Step 3;
Edit the file using Notepad.

Step 4:
Find a line 'trial serial number".

Step 5:
There you can get a series of number Change the last number to one step above it. (Suppose if there is 6 change it to 7).

Step 6:
Save the file after editing if it fails to save due to permission error save the file somewhere and replace in the same destination.

Then you can use your Adobe photoshop  without trial.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Create your own custom Email address

Step 1
First purchase your own domain name.

Step 2
Visit the   Google App Site here.

Step 3
Click Start Free trail.

Step 4
Now you will have two option to set up your email "Express" or "Custom".

Step 5
Now you need to "Verify" your Domain name following the process provided there. It might take a few minutes.

Step 6
Once you are done Login to Google Apps and click "Users".

Insert gadgets into your sites

Gadgets are HTML and Javascripts applications that can be embedded in other apps and webpages.

To embed a gadget in a site:

Step 1
Go to the site page that has the new gadget.

Step 2
Open the page for editing.

Step 3
Select Insert > More Gadgets.

Step 4
Click Add gadget by URL and paste in the URL to your to your .xml file. Then click Add.

Step 5
Specify the gadget's dimensions and click OK.

Step 6
Save the page to view and test your gadget in the site.

Use Hotstar in Nepal

Hotstar is not available in all countries.It is blocked in Nepal too. We can use a fake location by using VPN server and access Hotstar in all countries.

Step 1
First Download Hotstar Android App through Internet. Note that it is not available in playstore.

Step 2
Download any one of VPN server App  just like Fast secure VPN that helps as to change IP address of a location to another.

Step 3
Connect to the IP address location of a country where Hotstar is available.After it is connected VPN service is activated in our smartphone and our IP address location is apparently changed.

Step 4
Now open Hotstar App which you have downloaded and can enjoy as long as VPN Service is open in your smartphone.