Monday, May 1, 2017

Chinese Language in Nepal

 China and Nepal are historical neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. Both countries have close trade and cultural ties back 1000 years. The Chinese fast growing economic development and leadership attracts each and every country. In recent years, bilateral relationship between two countries has developed a lot. China is the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) contributor in terms of projects and the second largest tourist source for Tourism market in Nepal. The growing economic co-operation and increasing people-people interaction has a growing trend to learn Chinese Language in Nepal. Language is the medium of expression and communication and indicator of level of development. Language can be the medium for co-operation and friendship.  Chinese language is one of the oldest and most spoken languages of the world. Although under Tribhuwan University there is Bishwo Bhasa Campus which has been teaching Chinese language since 2018 B.S. there are few Nepali who can read, write and speak Chinese language.  Now different schools have included Chinese Language in secondary level. Institute for learning Chinese are also established. We can benefit a lot more from economic development of China after studying the language. Also we can find the opportunity to learn about one of the oldest civilization and culture of the world. Every year hundreds of students are moving to China for their higher studies and many Chinese tourists coming Nepal for visiting. This has increase the craze and need for learning Chinese language in Nepal.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Off-Road bikes in Nepal


Generally we may find all bikes similar. But due to design and feature it is categorized into Off-road and On-road. This doesn’t mean we cannot ride On-road bikes on Off-road and vice versa. The motor bikes which have the features of Off- road can be easily ride on both on road and off road but the motor bikes which have the features of On-road cannot be easily ride on off road. Off road bikes are also termed as dot-bike.
In Nepal more than a dozen companies sale only Off- road motor bikes. This type of motor bikes costs from minimum range of 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs. In Nepal officially off road bikes were thought to be introduced around 1982. At that time the bikes brought were Honda XL 125 and XL 185 of Japanese Company Honda.

In recent years, Nepal has witnessed high rise in the sale of Off-road bikes. One can find bikes of companies like Hartford, Honda, Crossfire, Reiju, BSE, Ducati, Suzuki, Cross X, UM in Nepalese road.  Mostly youngsters prefer dot-bikes. Off-road bikes are suitable in Nepalese road as it has less blacktopped road and it can be ride on the small track road where four wheeler vehicles cannot go. Previously there was high preference of sports bikes by youngsters and now it has shifted to dot bikes. Among the dot-bikes VR was very popular but now due to the increase demand of Off -road bikes various other companies has extended their market to Nepal and now one can choose their best preference among them. The dot-bikes are imported mostly from China as assembled one. The price is significantly high because China to import from third countries.

Features off Road bikes

  • They are normally very light compared to On-road bikes. Their components are made through Aluminum and fiber and have small fuel tank.
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Flexible Shock


Engine:  150 cc
Price: 2 lakhs 72 thousands
Engine: 223 cc
 Price: 4 lakhs 70 thousands (predicted)


Engine: 200 cc
Price: 3 lakhs 70 thousands
Engine: 223cc
Price: 3 lakhs 99 thousands


Engine: 250 cc
Price: 9 lakhs 90 thousand

Cross fire

Engine: 220 cc
Price: 6 lakhs 10 thousand
Engine: 450cc
Price: 9 lakhs 15 thousand


Engine: 150cc
Price: 3 lakh 25 thousands
Engine: 230 cc
Price: 4 lakhs 25 thousands

Gadgets trend of 2017


   We can obviously see some new gadgets trend in this year 2017 as the field of IT is rapidly increasing one in the world now. There are researches being carried out day by day in developing new gadgets, application and their new features. New technologies are developed. To cope with increasing competition big companies are spending their knowledge, time and money to develop different gadgets than others.

         In 2016, Samsung S7and S7Edge, iphone 7 and 7 plus, Google Pixel Phone, Microsoft Surface Pro gained significant popularity. Likewise companies like Huawai, Gionee, Oppo took market due to their new technology gadgets.

Here, the upcoming gadgets to be released in 2017 and their likely features are highlighted:

1.Apple iphone 8
Good multisensor Camera, 12Mp Back camera, 7MP front camera
Improved home Button
3.5mm jack
OALED 5.8 curved display
Wireless charging
7.1 mm thick
2900 MAH Battery
Display zoom
A11 processor, 4GB RAM, Quad core CPU
32, 128, 258 GB Internal storage option

 2. Samsung Galaxy S8
4k ULD Display
S8 intelligence voice Assistant
5.7 MOLED screen
Gorilla Glass 5
12 Dual rear camera and 8MP front camera
6GB RAM and 64 or 128 GB internal storage with Micro SD slot
3000 MAh Battery
Android 7.0
Qualcom Snapdragon 830 Chipset

3.  Samsung Galaxy Note 8

4. Nokia Android Smartphone

5.Microsoft Surface Smartphone

Folding and curve display Gadgets

        Folding and curve display gadgets are not necessarily new. Nokia and Samsung and other companies have used it in their feature Phones before. Different companies have successfully tested folding phones. Now mobile phone users can probably get such phones with folding and curved display in this year. Now Apple Inc. is planning to come in market with this type of phones as like Samsung’s S version Flagship Phones. Lenovo had kept folding display mobile in Tech- world 2016 for demonstration.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What do Car enthusiasts/buyers seek nowadays in Nepal?


   It’s normal for people to keep concern about the things they buy.  People nowadays are aware of daily usable goods so it’s not a great deal finding people being aware of long term usable goods.

Consumers like to have branded and sophisticated items if they are expensive and long term usable. Among them is Car, Car lovers search for luxury, infotainment and security.

 Vehicle manufacturing companies are increasing their investment in developing new technologies. In this context, newly features arrive on car like monthly, which has made difficult in choosing desired one.

Firstly anyone may search for a luxurious seat. If seat are not luxurious no one is happy for that. Another feature that people like to have is height adjustable steering so that every member of the family may drive. Likewise there is growing concern about the security issues in the car like Backup Camera, Air bag. Apart from this: