Saturday, May 23, 2015

Earn money from a blog in Nepal

           Blog is an informational site published on World Wide Web that contains posts. Blog publishing service hosted by Google at a sub domain of is most preferred by the bloggers. However, word press at a sub domain of is also widely used. Earning money from blog is not an easy task it needs hard work and patience. People do not intend to earn money at first while starting up a blog plus it is not possible to earn money for new bloggers as no one knows about the blog and search engine doesn't show up the content written on the new blog. New bloggers need to focus on their content and way to attract huge traffic on their blog by sharing it to social networking sites. If the site is able to attract number of users in very short period one may think of earning money from it. To earn money yet another step is still remaining. We have to be successful in connecting with google ad sense  then only we can get the money in our pocket. We can generate money from google ad sense. Google ad sense is a program run by Google that allows publishing ads and generating money on the basis of pay per click and number of page views. It is also not easy to sign up for a Google ad sense account there is risk of being disapproved by google ad sense. For that we should not copy other posts and upload copyright images and videos without taking permission and giving adequate credit. There should for enough posts on our blog to be eligible to apply for Google ad sense. In some countries like China and India the blog should be 6 months old to be eligible to apply. But in our country Nepal its not the case if our blog is good we can  be approved for Google ad sense in no time. After we become approved for Google ad sense we may earn money easily if we have quality posts that attract huge users from all around the world. We can receive money from western union as well as payoneer MasterCard after connecting with ad sense. The both medium of receiving payment  are preferred in Nepal.



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    1. HI bro. I cant get money from Western Union in Infolinks. Help?"



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