Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Find Who Is Using Your WiFi Network And Block Them By The Help Of MAC Address In TP-Link Router

If you are using TP-Link Router I am showing about finding  number of users  using your WiFi at that moment and blocking them as  your wish.

1: Go to your browser in your PC and type the IP Address You get a dialog box for logging in to TP-Link  router control panel. By default the username and password are Admin.

2:Click on Wireless option at the right side of the homepage and then Wireless Statistics.Here you can get the MAC Address of the active users connected to the router.

3:If you don't know whose MAC Address is which move to DHCP option and then again click DHCP Clients List and get the clients name.

4: Copy the MAC Address of the user you want to block and move to Wireless MAC Filtering option.Enable wireless MAC filtering and click on Add new option at the bottom and after you copy the MAC Address you are done. This process can be undone also.


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