Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Smart Watch in Nepal

The use of watch now is not limited for time only. In the name of “Smart Watch” in the market nowadays the modern watch works as minicomputer. Due to its attractive design and function it is becoming popular in Nepali Market also.   

Although it was introduced in global market a bit before it is just now becoming popular in Nepal. Still to some it may be an unknown product. 

We can find from rupees 2 thousand to about 1 lakh. We can get cheap Chinese smart watch to expensive ones of Samsung and Apple.

The sale of inexpensive and unguaranteed Chinese smart watch is high in the market. The watch does several function of mobile itself. The increase production of mobile was about to displace watch, but now smart watch is flowing in the market.
We can read e-mail and message likewise browse internet, camera, Calendar, Music control, Alarm, Map and Weather Alert, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It can be connected to Smartphone and other wireless devices for phone call, message, and social network and use different other applications. Some Smartphone works as portable media player also.

Currently Apple, Samsung, Huawai, LG are manufacturing different features Smart phones in the global market.

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