Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fast Transfer of Folders and Files between two PCs Directly through RJ-45 Cable


  1. Ethernet cable can be used for connecting two different computers directly and used for transferring files, pictures, music and videos.
  2. First take an Ethernet cable and then connect to RJ-45 port of both the computers.
  3. Go to MY computer of any one of the Pc say PC1 and Click Properties.
  4. Change the COMPUTER NAME TO A and workgroup name to ABC. Click on OK to save changes.
  5. After finishing doing all these go to control Panel and then network connections.
  6. Right click on to the LAN connection and select properties.
  7. Find Internet Protocol( TCP/IP) and then properties and enter the following values.                    IP ADDRESS                                                                                                    Subnet Mask                                                                                                       Leave all the other fields blank. Click on Ok to save the changes.

  1. Change the Computer Name(Say Pc2) to B and the workgroup ABC. Then click on Ok to save the changes. And continue with the above steps. After the settings and connection have been saved, both Pcs should be connected by LAN. Computer may be required to restart to implement the changes.

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  1. It is an old known method to transfer files between two different computers. I had the cable and had been using it to establish a network and transfer files from it.