Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bamboo and Rattans

agriculture bamboo botanical bundleBAMBOOS are tall, perennial, arborescent grasses, belonging to Poaceae family. There are 50 genera and approximately 1326 species generally inhibiting the humid tropical, sub-tropical and mild temperate regions of the world. It is found  in over 18 million hectares of land, of which 75% lies only in Asia.The rhizomes of the Bamboo may be short and thick and clustered together and produce Bamboo in well defined clumps. Mature Bamboo clumps produced new shoots every year throughout the rainy season. The shoots develop then rapidly within 2-3 months and reach their full height and diameter.

abstract background bamboo close upRATTANS belong to the family Palmae/Arecaceae. 600 species of Rattans belonging to 13 genera are reported to be distributed worldwide concentrated in Africa and South East Asia.Rattan is an ideal raw material for cottage industries. Its industrial use is in furniture, walking sticks, polo sticks, umbrella handles, basket making, mats, ropes, and various other articles.


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