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13 things to do for Christmas in New York

The New York City scene turns truly spectacular at Christmas time, the Big Apple is worth visiting

at other times but particularly during the Christmas season, the city is more live and vibrant with

vivid lights,decorations and the festive markets that attract thousands of international tourists

and locals.

You can have your perfect holiday time in New York at Christmas time. Stick with us to explore

our favourite picks for you from among the many to-dos in NYC.

1 . Gaze at the Spectacular Christmas tree decoration at Rockefeller Center

One place you don’t want to miss is the Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center is famous for

its astounding Christmas tree lighting and is one of the top visited places during Christmas in New

York. In addition, you can shop to your fullest and go gaga with ice skating at this place.

2. Ice Skating at Bryant Park

The next Vox populi, in New York at Christmas is having a wide range of experiences at Bryant

Park. The ice skating here is one of the experiences you cannot skip. Yeah, you can fulfil your quest

for holiday shopping while you enjoy your skates along with hot chocolates in Bryant Park.Who

would not want this?

3. Watch the Rockettes at Radio City

The Rockettes are hailed for their synchronised dance moves and high kicks. They will amuse

anyone with their dancing spirit. This popular show will fill your heart with dance and songs, but

remember to book your tickets prior.

4. Stroll to see dazzling household lights at Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

The neighbourhood competition here turns this place into an amazing lavish festival lights

spectacle for anyone visiting during Christmas. Christmas has been getting bigger and brighter

out in Brooklyn every year and the households here spend thousands of dollars fixing their light

decorations. Gear yourself to go for an amazing night walk in the streets at Dyker Heights.

5. Shop at holiday markets

If you are either looking or not having a single thought to go shopping, paying a visit to holiday

markets is a great idea. The Winter Village, Union Square Holiday Market, Columbus Circle Holiday

Market, Brooklyn Flea and Chelsea Flea, Grand Central Holiday Fair, and many more are there to

help you shop your needs to please your dear ones. You can find the complete list of holiday markets here.

6. Visit the Times Square

The iconic Times Square is a must-see place for the Christmas holiday. The crowds here become

unbelievable with packed sidewalks and we can see lots of bright lights in stores. You can enter

any souvenir shops, book a show, enter a restaurant for good food, or just take your time walking


7. Singing Christmas Carols

Is Christmas complete without Christmas Carols? You can join the crowds and sing your heart out

in some of the famous avenues for Christmas Carols. There are plenty of places where Caroling

events will be taking place like Washington Square Park, Jackson Heights, and Judson Memorial

Church among others. So, plan yourself ahead to be part of it.

8. Music at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which is also the world's largest Gothic Cathedral, will hold

a broad spectrum of musical offerings annually at Christmas time. If you want to immerse yourself

in the true Christmas plethora, you are recommended to visit the church.

9. Lavish store window displays of Midtown Manhattan

Almost all of the stores go for window displays for the festive season, some go beyond that

draping the whole of the building with LED lights and ocassional music plays. It is a sight to see,

isn’t it?. Better if you go for an hour- long Bus tour ride to witness the displays.

10. Hang out at Central Park in NYC

If you want to skip the Christmas crowd, there is a way. You can have a quiet time walking in the

iconic Central Park. It is known for its beautifully designed landscape with playgrounds, fountains,

statues, sculptures, gardens, lakes, and ponds. You wouldn’t want to miss a peaceful night walk

at the Park in Christmas.

11. See Santa Claus at Macy

Macy's Santaland is the place you or your kids should not miss. It is one of the few magical places

where you can see Santa. The place is usually decorated with an enchanted forest and Christmas

trees, animatronic toys, a train display, artificial snow, stuffed animals, and many Santas.

12. Go to the Restaurant of your choice

The NYC sightseeing will not fill your stomach hunger, right? You need a place where you can

order your favorites. There are thousands of restaurants nicely decorated in the Christmas theme

in the city where you can enjoy your holiday time. We recommend choosing the restaurant considering your time, budget, and food choice. It is wise if you enter nearby restaurants from 

the places mentioned above, where you can enjoy your fun activities.

13. Revisit any popular places

Offbeat to any other to-dos you can visit the iconic landmarks in NYC. There are so many of them 

that choosing a few is hard. However, you should not miss the Empire State Building, the Statue 

of Liberty, Ellis Island, the New York Public Library Main Branch, The Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, 

the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and so on. Each one is unique in its way, so choose your taste 

for the holiday time. If you have been to New York but happen to miss this places , you may have 

no stories to brag!

As Christmas is one of the busiest times in the city, be sure to make a plan yourself to enjoy your 

time to chock-full. And, one definite takeaway is don't pass by NYC at Christmas time. This is all 

we can say in nutshell. If you have any favorite experience at Christmas in New York ,feel free to

comment below.

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