Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to see facebook password in browser?

   Here in this post I am presenting How To See Facebook Password of your own or others if it is in the process of being logged in your computer browser by the help of page source code.

1)First open your browser and then type your email address and password on facebook login page.

2)After that select the password and right click on it and then click on Inspect element at the bottom. 

3)After that you are directed to as below.

4)  There you will get the page source code and the line with marked label is the password’s source code. Right click on the marked label and Click Edit HTML.
5) Then replace the "password" under the bracket by the "text".

6) Press enter and then you are able to see the password you type
7)To disable this you must replace the “text” with the “password” as it was before.

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