Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to Fix Damaged SD Cards?

If your SD card (external memory) is unreadable, corrupteddamaged, or has some kind of error the data present in it can be recovered to some extent. There are various methods to recover data from SD cards but sometimes one may not work for the one and the other.

Here I have listed some of the methods to recover data (such as photos,audios,videos and documents) from the card.

Method 1
  The most preferable method is to recover from  using  Cmd in Ms Windows.First connect the memory card to computer by card reader or by data cable  and open command prompt by writing cmd in run at start menu (ctrl+R>write cmd and press enter). 
  When the cmd window is opened,write chkdsk m:/r (where m is the drive letter of your memory card).Press enter and then wait until the process is completed. 

  Next way is  you also can type atrrib -s -h /s /d *.* in cmd window .Make sure that you put space between each elements in the code and hit enter and wait for few seconds.Here d is the respective USB letter.
Method 2
  Various other data recovery software can be used to recover data from damaged SD cards.We can find many recovery  software in the internet,some are usually fake and some are not free too we have to pay for the software .Asoftech Data Recovery,EaseUS Data Recovery and UsbFix are some of the data recovery software.You can download free of cost in the internet and recover your data.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Basic idea for using PHP language

    PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is an open source programming language  (Free to use and download ) for the web. It is a server side scripting language that can be used with HTML code, then processed when the page is requested by client. Practically,PHP is much easier to learn and code when compared to other programming languages. It is fast and flexible. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. It reduces the time to create large website. It creates a customized user experience for visitors based on information that you have gathered from them. It also allows creation of shopping carts for e-commerce websites.
     Here,I am going to demonstrate basic idea for using PHP language.For that firstly we need  Xamp/Wamp server installed on  PC.Then,
⦁ Open notepad and type the code as below. Here I am using “Hello world” that will be displayed as webpage. If you want to use any other text/string then you should write inside the echo code.

You should save that code with .Php extension as “All File types”. If you are using” xamp” server it must be inside the given folder named “htdocs” but if you are using “wamp” server it must be inside the given folder named “www”.

You should open Xamp/wamp  server now. Click on the start button as given below.

Now the process is completed.For viewing the output.
1)Open any browser that could be Chrome,Mozilla or any others.
2)Type “localhost/hello.php.If you have any sub folder then you should give complete locations.      

       Finally the result will be displayed as follows.                                                                                      


       Now we  can type in Nepali Unicode  in any software applications on computer using google input tools.we don't need any applications for that simply we can type through our normal keyboard and it changes in Nepali font in an instant.

Step 1: Get Google input tools here. we get directed to this page.

Step 2: On the right side of the tab "choose your languages" tick on Nepali language and download it by agreeing to the terms and policy of Google.

Step 3: Dialogue box will appear and soon it will be downloaded.

Step 4:We should enable the Google input tools after  installation.

 Check the right side of the  task bar on the desktop  where we can see ENG text. By clicking there a option will come displaying to choose the language input method.Choose NEPALI and then the task is completed. If we want it back in English language we can click on the same place and choose ENGLISH.
If we are not able to find the ENG text on the right side of the text bar we should get on to the control panel and Under Clock, Language and Region you will see "Change keyboard or other input methods". Click on it and make changes by selecting on preferred language.

 Now Start Typing anywhere in Nepali Unicode! The Google Input tool will convert your text instantly into Nepali. Here is the preview of typing and suggestion dialogue box that will appear after you start typing.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Study of Bsc.forestry and Bsc.agriculture in Nepal

           Study of Bsc.forestry and Bsc.agriculture is now in high demand among the students who have just passed +2 level in science faculty. Forestry deals with the study of forests and wildlife. Students who have  interest on wildlife and forest are very much keen to study this subject. There are various scope of forestry in Nepal  as the Government of Nepal is aiming to conserve the forest at greater extent which in turn provides job opportunities to the forestry students and also there are job opportunities in various forest and wildlife conservation related NGOs and INGOs. Forestry course in Nepal is a 4 years course and students who have completed intermediate level in science or forestry are eligible to apply for the form. The entrance examination is quite competitive as there are limited numbers of seats in the colleges all over Nepal and there are high number of aspirants who wants to read this subject. Currently there are three campuses in Nepal where forestry is taught.
Bsc.Ag is also a 4 years course which can be pursued by the aspirants who have completed intermediate level in science and agriculture. BSc.Ag concerns about the various aspects of the agriculture. Agriculture is an emerging platform in various foreign countries. Aspirants in this field have high career scope abroad.

 Regarding the seats and colleges of forestry:

1) Pokhara forestry campus, Pokhara (Institute of Forestry, TU)
2) Hetauda forestry campus, Hetauda (Agriculture and Forestry University)
3) Kathmandu forestry campus, Kathmandu (TU affiliated)

  There are 80 seats in Pokhara Forestry Campus of which 30 are general(full scholarship) and there are 50 seats under Kathmandu Forestry Campus of which all are paying as it is a private college. Students who have appear the entrance exam conducted by TU and scored at least pass marks can apply to join for this college. Students who apply for the first 50 are chosen. In Hetauda forestry campus there are 40 seats under TU and 40 under AFU.

 The question pattern for the entrance exam conducted by TU is Chem.-10,Phy.-10,Biology-20,Forestry-20,English-20,Mathmatics-20 and the question pattern of the entrance exam conducted by Agriculture and Forestry University is Chem.- 12,Phy-12,Bio-24,Mathmatics-12,Eng.-12,Gk-8.The exam time is 2hrs and 1hrs respectively.
The Selection criteria is 80% entrance exam + 10% +2 aggregate marks+SLC marks 10%.

Seats and colleges of agriculture:
1)TU ( Instiute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences )
 a)Pakhlihawa campus -110 seats
 b)Lamjung campus-110 seats
 c)Gokuleshwor campus- Baitadi

2) AFU(Agriculture and Forestry University)
 a)Rampur campus-110 seats

3) PU(Purbhanchal University)
 a)Nepal Polytechnic Institute,Bharatpur,Chitwan
 b)HICAST, Bhaktapur
 The question pattern for the entrance exam conducted by TU is Chem.-25,Phy.-25,Biology-50,English-25,Mathmatics-25Ag.Gk-10 and the question pattern of the entrance exam conducted by Agriculture and Forestry University is Chem.- 12,Phy-12,Bio-24,Mathmatics-12,Eng.-12,Gk-8.The exam time is 2hrs and 1hrs respectively.
The Selection criteria is 80% entrance exam + 10% +2 aggregate marks+SLC marks 10%.