Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to hide or unhide files and folders in computer using cmd?

      In this post I am presenting how to hide and unhide files and folders in computer using command prompt by the help of attrib command.

   Attrib is a command prompt command which helps to remove and place file attributes. Attributes in windows means hidden, read only, archived and system function.When we hide files and folders using this method, the files and folders are not seen when we use “SHOW HIDDEN FILES” option in windows.The processes used in this trick are given below with screenshots.

1)Choose the folder that you want to hide suppose I created folder "pokhara" in d drive.

2)After that open command prompt.

3)In command prompt type the following code  by navigating through the drive  where the
folder is located.
 atrrib  +h +s +r   foldername (pokhara)

4)After that go check your folder it is hidden.
You can hide your folder completely using this trick.

5)To unhide replace the (+)sign by (-)sign.
 attrib -h -s -r foldername (pokhara)

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