Sunday, July 1, 2018

Rules of the DBH Measurement

  • Loose barks, mosses, lichens that are found on the tree must be removed before measuring the diameter over bark.

  • Breast Height (BH) should be measured by means of a measuring stick on standing trees at 1.3m or 1.37m (FAO)  above the ground level.

  • BH should be marked by intersecting vertical and horizontal lines 12 cm long painted with white paint.

  • On sloping land, the diameter at BH should be measured on uphill side.

  • In case of the tree is leaning, DBH is measured along the tree stem and not vertically, on the side of the lean for trees growing on flat ground and on uphill side, for trees growing on sloping ground.

  • BH should be taken at the lowest point above which the buttress formation is not likely to extend.

  • When the tree is forked above the BH, it is counted as one tree, but when it is forked below BH, each fork should be treated as though it were a separate tree.

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