Sunday, July 1, 2018

Instruments used in Diameter measurement of trees

1. Diameter Tape

  The Diameter of a tree cross section  may be obtained with a flexible tape by measuring the circumference of the tree. A diameter tape is a measuring tape that has scale on both sides: one side is specially marked to show the diameter of a tree, and the other is a normal scale.


2. Calipers

Calipers are often used to measure tree DBHor when diameters are less than about 60cm. A Caliper may be constructed of metal, plastic or wood, consists of a graduated beam with two perpendicular arms. One arm  is fixed at the origin of the scale and the other arm slides.When the beam is pressed against the tree and the arms closed, the beam of the Caliper can be read on the scale.


3. Wooden Scale

It is generally a two feet folding scale used to measure diameters of logs at their end cross sections.



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