Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Seed Processing of Forest Trees

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 The objective of Seed Processing is to produce good quality seeds for sowing. The Processes are Pre-cleaning, Pre-curing, Cleaning.

Pre-cleaning involves cleaning of twigs, barks, leaf litter and other impurities before they are sent for extraction. It can be done by hand and by flotation and fruits be separated by blowing and winnowing.

Pre-curing involves the deliberate storage for ripening of seeds and slow air drying of seeds/fruits.

Cleaning of sound seeds from impurities can be done by screening and sieving,sorting,winnowing,flotation. Screening and sieving remove almost all impurities which have different size than the hole in sieve or screen. Sorting according to length may remove longer and shorter impurities. Cleaning by winnowing is a common practice.Likewise, Flotation method can be used to separate out impurities having different specific gravity than that of seed.

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