Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Storage of seeds

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Storage of seeds is essential to meet the demands of seeds having right physiological and genetic characteristics during all the time.The objective of the proper storage is to maintain the viability of seeds for longer period. It helps to maintain the longevity as well. Several Species  Leguminosae and Malvaceae families have high longevity.

The methods of control of oxygen, moisture content and temperature that reduces the rate of respiration without otherwise damaging  the seed is likely to be effective in extending the longevity during storage. Seeds stored under good conditions and which have maintained higher germinative capacity can safely be used but it is not good to use seed lot in which the germinative capacity has been severely curtailed. Insects has also to be taken care of. Suitable insecticides regularly has to be used to avoid any insect damage. Cold storage facility also provide longevity. Silica gel is used to keep moisture content of 7 to 9 percent  in impermeable containers .

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