Friday, April 30, 2021

Individuality (The real self) and Bhagavad Gita


We often believe that we can express our individuality, the real us by acquiring particular looks, personality, knowledge, achievement , wealth and other such material things. But do these define who we are?

We are undermining ourselves when we let these things define our notion of expressing our individuality.

The Bhagavad-Gita, teach us that this individuality is present on three different levels: 

 1. The physical appearance of a person 2. The subtle level- mind, intelligence and ego

 3.spiritual level -spiritual identity of a soul 

Gita tells us that our actual individuality is spiritual, not material. Our material individuality is due to internal impressions and external compulsions which are not real. This material individuality obscures the real me, the soul. As souls, we are all individuals with our own unique forms and our unique relationships with the supreme truth. Our true individuality is equipped with eternality, full- bliss and knowledge( Sat-cit-ananda).

To uncover our true individuality, we need to practice on the path that connects us to the supreme truth, which is all- pure. We will be then directed to higher taste and interest discarding the lower. When this happens our individuality thus expressed will be a noble one. Centering our individuality on our spirituality doesn’t lead to rejecting our material side but  to harmonizing our material side with our spiritual essence and purpose.

Question may arise , doesn't  the standardization of activities in spiritual path suppress and destroy our individuality? The Vedic teachings says that the  standardization only  destroys the coverings that block our actual individuality.