Friday, April 30, 2021

Goal, Success, Happiness and Bhagavad Gita


Setting goals, which is important to achieve success and happiness; without knowing who we are is an incomplete and incompetent approach. That is why we can see a lot of example in todays' world ; despite achieving huge success , wealth and fame that one has desired , one is not equipped with happiness. 

Gita  remind us that it is futile to think that material advancement will reform our life. The real happiness is in being self-satisfied and in controlling and tolerating the countless demands of mind and senses. We today want instant gratification and is ready to do anything and everything to get what we want. What we need to understand is that happiness and material opulence is not synonymous. 

Gita tells that we are eternal spiritual beings beyond body, senses and mind. Since our identity is not material but spiritual, worldly things can’t bring the soul happiness. The soul requires a spiritual atmosphere to realize their completeness and fulfillment. The above, is one of the central  teachings of Bhagavad Gita.

Only when we know who we are then we can know our purpose, set true goals and achieve success and happiness.

Our ultimate goal should be to seek answers to; the ultimate cause of the creation, our position in the cosmos and what is our ultimate duty to perform. When one seeks answer to these question , one is sure to be exposed to the source of eternal happiness and success.

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