Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Modernized yoga

 What do you think when you hear the word Yoga?Maybe stretching and bends. This is what it is growing to be limited to. 

We can see yoga is slowly losing its essence in the process of making it fit for modern purposes. Originally , yoga was  a spiritual practice to know the self and an important part of the guru- shishya parampara of imparting transcendental knowledge. The purpose of yoga is to connect to the higher self, to know our ultimate goal, the ultimate reality as stated by many religious teachers. 

But now  the aim of yoga is in limelight  as it is being highly commercialized all around the world. The westernized, modernized form of yoga with postures for making body fit is only one of the eight components of the ancient practice.

Somewhere I read, there were times in America , when people used to be confused between Yoga and Yogurt. Now, the Modern Yoga industry is a multi-billion dollar industry valued at more than  $80 billion worldwide.

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