Friday, April 30, 2021

Theory of everything and Bhagavada Gita


The theory of everything is that which  would explain everything in the universe, from quantum particles to spiral galaxies or a hypothetical framework explaining all known physical phenomena in the universe which researchers have  searched for such a model ever since the development of quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein's Theory of relativity.

But we can take this simply, as that which explains the cause of all causes or give answers to all of our Whys? 

We may be inclined to think that Theory of everything solely is the subject matter of modern physics and  quantum mechanics. To our dismay, we are less known and exposed to the profundity of Gita where Krishna explains the concept and nature of absolute reality, time and space, the nature  and origin of self and matter. Krishna speaks about the supreme cause of all causes and the purpose of creation.

Literature like Bhagavatam goes further as well, describing in detail the stages of creation, the age and dimensions of the universe, the purpose of the creation, and the origin of the material elements. It is  with much additional information and scientifically sound principles, such as the interrelatedness of space and time, cosmic events ranging over billions of years, and different time measurements on different planets. These points should evoke interest in any inquisitive person to take up the study of the BhagavatamIt not only proclaims  how it is created but also why it is created.

Modern science is mute on this  aspect, but the Bhagavad has the answer. The ultimate goal of the Gita's teaching is to not only give us the knowledge about the reality of universe but to take us from this temporary material existence limited by space and time to the spiritual realm, where we live our spiritual existence eternally. For this self contemplation and realization is essential and the spiritual injunction from the self realized soul is required as stated in Gita.

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